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Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Rogue

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a5c7b9f00b An idyllic wildlife cruise disintegrates into terror when a party of tourists are stalked by a massive man-eating crocodile. Pete McKell, a cynical American travel writer, joins a disparate group of holiday-makers on a river cruise through the waters of Kakadu National Park. Initially Pete clashes with their tour captain, Kate, a feisty young woman who assumes he is just another 'city-slicker' in search of a quick thrill. After an uneventful day cruising the river, Kate is reluctantly persuaded to steer their boat into unexplored territory. They discover a secluded lake but terror strikes when their craft receives a powerful blow from beneath the murky depths and begins to sink. With little choice, she beaches the vessel on the closest dry land -a tiny mud island. With a rising tide and only half an hour of daylight left, fear grips the groupthey realize they are trapped in the lair of a 'rogue' crocodile, governed only by its need to hunt and kill. Begrudgingly, Pete and Kate join forces to keep hysteria at bay and in the process start to see beyond their initial impressions. Their first attempt to escape fails, but then Pete has an idea - they must trap the crocodile to enable the group to flee to the other side of the island whilst Kate swims for help. Pete volunteers to stand guard, but without warning, the beast breaks free and targets Kate who fails to resurface. As darkness descends and the muddy waters rise, a terrifying struggle ensues with only one probable outcome death.
An American journalist on assignment in the Australian outback encounters a man-eating crocodile while trapped on a rapidly flooding mud island.
A boat captain, Kate(Radha Mitchell, perfectly cast)and the tourists riding in her tour-boat encounter a giant crocodile after invading his territory looking for the one responsible for shooting flares. Finding a boat sinking underwater(..obviously the boat carrying the one casting the distress signal), the tour-boat soon is blindsided by the monstrous croc, causing a gushing leak putting them on an isle with the tide slowly creeping in. Kate's company will not send a search party until the following morninga rule. Kate finds a little help in an old flame, Neil(Sam Worthington)whose boat, carrying a pal soon to be lunch, is also capsized by the killer croc. With a crew of tourists slowly emotionally unraveling, Pete(Michael Vartan), a magazine traveling article writer, will attempt to capture the croc(..with two dead quarry killed by Neil and his bloke, and an anchor hook)after an idea regarding a tied rope from one tree on the island to the other on the mainland for each individual to escape above water fails. With the croc trapped, tugging on the anchor(..whose rope is tied to a giant rock)as Pete holds guard, the others will hopefully swim across to the mainland shore, but all of them might not make it in time.<br/><br/>A more mainstream effort from "Wolf Creek" director Greg Mclean, pits various individuals from all parts of the world in a difficult spot with a huge menace in close proximity. In making a decision to find out if someone needed help, fate puts Kate in an awful predicament. The croc moves really fast, often snatching up humans before any of the others even realize they're gone. One main character is even caught in the "death roll"(..this person's fate is a bit of a stretch in credibility, I must admit)while trying to swim to the mainland. Unfortunately, those seeking gory human murders will be sorely disappointed. One is lifted and thrown, then carried underwater, and we actually see the aftermath of what can happen when you are caught with the teeth of such a beast, butfarseeing the croc munching on a human victim, this film opts to stay away from that. There is a particularly grisly fate for Kate's beloved dog Kevin, so maybe that will satisfy those gore-hounds seeking carnage of some kind. The film builds some incredible tense sequences suchthe failed attempt to travel by rope from the isle to the mainland when the first who attempts to go across freezes in fearanother goes ballistic, adding too much weight when he insists on sending his child(..and himself)immediately. The intense climax inside the killer croc's lair with Pete fighting for survival, while also worrying about another whose fate lies in his hands is quite a doozy. Mclean decides to shift his film from unpleasant violence associated with "Wolf Creek", instead choosing to go the "suspence" route, having our innocents in constant fear of a very large creature who could pop up at any given moment. For creature feature fans, this is a must. It's quite a roller-coaster, but, honestly, for the most part, Mclean plays it safe this time, giving his characters much more room of escape than he did those poor young people in "Wolf Creek." I thought the f/x work for the croc was superb. It actually *does* look scary instead of corny and fake.
Let me say I really enjoyed this movie. Very suspenseful and the story keeps you hooked from start to finish. Im a big creature feature fan. I hate that it took me this long to watch this one. On another note if you liked this watch Black Water. Another terrifying croc movie but I feel even scarier and more importantly more suspenseful. All in all though a great flick that truly deserves the acclaim it has gotten. I will never go on a swamp tour again. I remember my dad taking me on an air boat ride in the Everglades at a young age and our boat broke down. The thing that makes Rogue so scary is it's "realness" factor. I could totally see this happening in real life. Watch this one and then go watch Black Water. They are both true gems

On the DVD extras menu Greg McLean says that the film was inspired by stories of a large crocodile that had attacked people in the Northern Territories. The story and characters however have all been made up specifically for the film Surprisingly, the Unrated Version does not feature any more unrated-worthy material than the usual R-Rated version. One can speculate that the Unrated Version is the original Australian Version whereas the R-Rated Version was created especially for the US market and therefore several plotscenes were left out. Those scenes are featured in the Unrated aka. Australian Version.
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